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Whether you want to dabble in a little bit of everything or focus on one specific activity, Contigo Yacht Charter has the tools to add value to your experience. We are a well travelled team that has experience in all areas of service and entertainment. Take a look at some of the activities you may want to partake in during your Bahamas yacht charter.
Sailing Instruction:
Our crew has experience teaching sailing to kids and adults, specifically on catamarans. If your goal is to have your own boat one day, or you'd like to sharpen your sailing skills to be able to charter a yacht on your own, we are here to help you succeed. We carry valuable knowledge and experience when it comes to cruising and would be happy to show you the ropes.
Scuba Diving:
The Bahamas is a beautiful country and even more beautiful is what lies beneath the surface. The islands we cruise in offer diverse underwater attractions including blue holes, caves, pristine reefs, wildlife, and crystal clear waters. Our crew knows the spots and will get you setup for a memorable underwater experience.
Anyone who knows The Bahamas knows the fishing is world class. When sailing between islands we usually put the fishing lines in the water and it isn't uncommon to catch your dinner on the way to the anchorage!
Snorkeling and Freediving:
The simplest and often most rewarding activity. Snorkeling refers to swimming in shallow water with a mask, snorkel, and fins, while observing coral reefs and aquatic wildlife. Freediving, in a way, refers to snorkelers who hold their breath and dive down to observe their surrounds and take a closer look. With just a few hours of instruction, most people can significantly improve their freediving skills. There is an old sang that goes something like this, "the scuba diver dives to look around, the freediver dives to look inside". The Bahamas is the best place in the world to learn this unique skill.
The Bahamas is spearfishing heaven! Lobster, fish, conch, it is the PERFECT cruising ground to live off of the sea. If you're keen to learn how to spearfish, let us know and we will show you how to use a hawaiian sling and we will put you on the fish. There are few things more rewarding than eating fresh fish that you caught for dinner. For more detailed information on planning a spearfishing themed charter please fill out our charter inquiry form here or contact us directly.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding:
Paddle boarding is a great activity to do in a calm anchorage. Our yachts always have a complementary paddle board on hand for you go on a paddle.
Catamarans and The Bahamas are a good blend for the yoga enthusiast. Whether you'd like to dabble in some individual yoga during your charter or plan a luxury yoga retreat, Contigo Yacht Charter has the contacts and the experience to make your yoga experience unique.
Shark Diving: 
If freediving with sharks is something that sounds appealing to you, then you've come to the right spot. This activity is only recommended for more experienced swimmers but if you try, it is likely to be the highlight of your trip. Please let us know in advance if this is something you would consider.
Shore Excursions:
The Bahamas is most certainly better known for its water activities. However, there are some popular land attractions as well. For example, hiking trails, visiting the swimming pigs at Big Major's Cay, Monument Beach on Stocking Island, the world famous waterpark at Atlantis Resort, and much more. We try to encourage our guest to partake in a healthy blend of water and shore excursions.
For some people, getting quality photos of your charter experience is almost as important as the charter itself. Our crew are experienced underwater and aerial photographers and would be more than happy to spend time getting some photos of the charter party to share with family and friends. We take serious pride in every photo we take. Don't believe us? Check out our Gallery, every photo you see there was taken by the CYC crew.
Bar Hopping:
It may sound bad when written down, but the reality is that a large percentage of charterers are interested in checking out the best beach bars in the islands, and rightfully so. If you're planning a charter with your closest friends and all you're really craving is some sunshine and a good party, we will put things in place to make sure you get the experience you desire.
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