About us

What exactly does Contigo Yacht Charter do?

Contigo Yacht Charter offers fully crewed luxury yacht charters in the islands of The Bahamas. We also do far out island charters for the more adventurous guests who may be more interested in getting off the beaten path.


What are we here to do? We are here to help you plan and execute your perfect ocean vacation. We are flexible with what we can do and offer. We provide a captain and chef / first mate to take care of you and the yacht during your charter. We recognize the dynamics of different groups and will adapt to help you enjoy your trip as much as possible. If you are hungry, want to go snorkeling, want to go to another island, learn to sail, if something on the boat isn't working up to your expectations, we are here to solve these problems.

What are the trips like? What you can expect on a trip depends alot on the guest. Generally speaking you can expect a normal day to go something like this:

Wake up and peak at the sun rising through your cabin window. Enjoy your coffee and breakfast served to you when you are ready. Talk about the options for the day with the captain. Have a leisurely 1-2 hour sail to the next island / location. Experience the attractions offered at your location, which may include cave exploration, swimming with native pigs, freediving / snorkeling a plane wreck, or simply swimming around the boat in crystal clear water. Have your lunch served to you by the crew. Let the food digest a bit then when you're ready you can head out to do another activity or stay on the boat napping in the shade all afternoon, whatever works best for you! Before dinner enjoy some hourderves and refreshments (sundowners as the cruisers like to call them) served to you. When you are ready, enjoy the sunset along with your dinner. After the sun goes down you can head to the bow for some stargazing or head to your cabin to wake up and do it all again! 

Why should you choose us / What makes us different from competitors? What makes us different from other charter yachts is that we do not charge yacht relocation or one way charter fees. Most charter operations will charge up to $2,500USD to move the yacht or relocate it after a one-way charter. Freeing up that money for our guests not only saves them money but gives them an opportunity to see more islands and avoid backtracking like you have to do on a charter that starts and ends in the same location.