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Crewed charters

What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is referred to as a charter with a minimum crew of a captain, and a chef / mate. The crew usually lives full time on the yacht and when "off-charter" they are responsible for the maintenance and safe keeping of the yacht. Some smaller yachts (40-60ft) are owned by the crew themselves, but many are owned by a private owner who chooses to hire a full time crew to charter the yacht to help offset expenses. Crewed charters are more expensive than bareboat charters, because you have the service of the crew at your disposal and don't have a responsibility to safety operate the yacht.

What's included in a crewed charter?

  • The yacht, its tender, water-sports equipment, and the use of entertainment systems on board.

  • A competent captain and chef / first mate.

  • 3 quality meals a day, dessert, snacks, and mixed drinks. Specific items will be sourced along with other items included in your preference sheet.

  • General cleaning of common areas performed by the crew.

Crewed charters are usually offered as "all inclusive" or "plus expenses". Expenses would include provisioning for food and beverages, dockage fees, park fees, etc...

Crew gratuity is NOT included. Industry standard is 15-20% of the charter value.

How do I know the food will be good? 

Before each charter, guest receive a preference sheet to fill out. The preference sheet is used to inform the crew of any dietary restrictions, food preferences, drink preferences, and general interests for the charter. This gives the crew time to properly plan and prepare for the charter.

How much does a crewed charter cost?

7 Day Rates

Crewed Rates.png

Charter rates vary based on the time of year or big holidays. General speaking, the high season in tropics (northern hemisphere) is from December to July, and the low season is from August to November. During Christmas, New Years, and in some cases the 4th of July, charter rates are at their highest because that is when demand is also at its highest. The low season corresponds with hurricane season, which in my opinion is a great time to get a good value charter. Hurricane season tends to scare people away but chartering during this time usually gets you great weather, and smaller crowds. If a hurricane or tropical storm is forecasted to hit during your charter you will be able to get a refund or reschedule the charter.

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